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We believe in creating a better future by transforming education or the basic culture of pedagogy.

Our objective was to bring together for a weekend like-minded, innovative computer science teachers by:


1. Organizing the Regional Computer Science Teacher Weekend, designed for teachers seeking to innovate in the classroom through creative teaching. The weekend consisted of workshops, talks, and keynotes as well as plenty of informal opportunities to chat and connect. The aim was twofold: firstly teachers inspire each other by sharing their projects while they enrich theirs with new knowledge and information.

Secondly, each participant was asked to submit a challenge during the application, which (s)he would be happy to brainstorm with other participants of the event.

2. Setting up a platform where we can share teachers’ experiences and projects, and made them available for other teachers. Along with a dedicated social media channel, this platform is to ensure continued experience sharing.  ​


Skool has been helping children engage in the world of computer coding since 2014 and has provided innovative technology sessions for free from the start in collaboration with leading companies in the tech sector in Hungary. In recent years, Skool has also delivered programming, state-of-the-art technologies to orphanages and disadvantaged areas through a number of unique initiatives, and its target audience and start-up mission - girls ’programming education - is constantly expanding.

And the Regional Partners


Girls Code Fun

Girls Code Fun is committed to helping Computer Science teachers to be able to teach not just computer basics that are covered in the national program, but programming basics as well.

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Hungarian Language Teacher Training Faculty of Novi Sad University has integrated IT training into their training program and started to train its active and already graduated students to teach IT in their institutions.



Aj Ty v IT runs a long-term education initiative (Programming Academy) for primary and secondary school teachers which is focused on micro:bit programming.

The program is supported by the International Visegrad Fund.