Bence Krenusz - Data Visualization workshop

Data Scientist with Mechanical Engineering degree and with Physics background.

I am an expert in Python programming targeting Data Science. Due to my use-cases, i have gained deep knowledge in NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, Plotly, Seaborn libraries; Machine Learning algorithm implementation with SciKit-Learn, Deep learning (and CNN) with TensorFlow and Keras and PyTorch; NLP; Market Basket Analysis; Big Data implementation with DataBricks and Business Intelligence applications like PowerBI and Tableau; Automation Solution implementation with SQL Job Agent, Task Scheduler. "

Bence offers a whole notebook to the audience about Data Visualization and goes over it together to see how a variety of possibilities it can bring and how much information it is. Also, he supports the participants by showing a point of view, way of thinking about this tool: e.g. how you can use it with students.

Here is a database of visualization types:

The curiosities I mentioned are available at these links:

Data Vizualization
Download PPTX • 365KB

Red wine quality
Download IPYNB • 4.13MB