Edina Ősz - Gamification with technology

She is a team member of a community collecting teachers, social workers, volunteers in order to support children and youngsters with disadvantages in life with learning together, having useful free-time activities and mostly to enrich their possibilities in life.

She describes the best practice that they use like this:

Our best practice is a gamified background story, in which a detective asks the students to help him solve a mystery and brings new signs and challenges every week, until, at the last occasion, it gets solved. Our goal was to introduce and teach useful tools (such as Google tools, mentimeter, scratch) and make the children aware that they can create online content (e.g., creating websites, presentations, movies).

"This method makes the children motivated to find solutions and learning by doing / learning by playing. Our experience is, by the adventure, the next time they'll remember the method they did not even realize to learn. Besides learning the material itself, the students practice creative problem solving, teamwork, experience digital safety issues and dangers, get confidence about their ability to create online content, and improve their communication skills. These are useful skills they can benefit from in their adult life as well."