Tamás Kluka - code.org in distance learning

He teaches Computer Science and Physics in an elementary and secondary grammar school.

Tamás best practice is based on development of algorithmic thinking using code.org surface like this:

The code.org interface contains a lot of offline activities that I like using during my lesson. Challenges appear regularly on the interface during the "hour of code, it would be good to get involved in these as well. The interface also contains more advanced exercises, it would be good to study them later and solve them with students.

As the teacher's guide and the appendices to them are not translated into Hungarian, I translate and practice them first, so that I can apply them in class. The biggest advantage of the method (interface) presented by me, is that it requires short preparation. Also, it is multi platform, playful, kids really like it. Great for distance learning. It is also good because it contains a lot of lessons, is constantly being developed, translated to several languages.

The teacher can follow the development of students, it contains teacher guides.